Sherwood Cafe

A cafe or rather a cafeteria is a smaller version of a restaurant where the food to be eaten is paid for. It’s menu usually must feature coffee hence the name cafe. Many people subscribe to the idea that a cafe isn’t a cafe when it serves no coffee in its menu. Going by this view, we can then comfortably describe what a cafe is. What distinguishes one cafe from another is the taste of coffee offered. The outstanding cafe prepares the best tasting coffee than others.

What attracts people to coffee shops is not just coffee, but music as well. Music that plays in the background blends well with the sipping experience. Music that most people prefer when sipping a mug of coffee is soul music or jazz.

A coffee shop should have many chairs for customers. Tables ought to be stable to prevent occasional coffee spills. There should be tables as well as chairs for placing luggage. One can then sit and sip each addictive drop of coffee as they relax. To give a homely experience to customers, providing some couches is an excellent idea.

Internet connection or rather WiFi connectivity is a magnet for customers. You are likely to increase the number of customers flowing into your cafe when you set an internet connection. People would love to enjoy every drop while surfing the internet at the same time.

Arrangement of couches, tables and chairs should be accommodative. Decorations on furniture may be put to marry the atmosphere of the coffee shop. Look out for some symbols, for example, that of a phone that attracts people to visit the coffee shop.

The aspect of temperature is another important factor to consider. It will be absurd to have the temperature inside the cafe hot when that outside is hot as well. The temperature should be regulated on a vice versa basis.

Like The Lion, a coffee shop shouldn’t necessarily be serving coffee only. It can include other drinks and dishes that go well with coffee in its menu. Coffee can be served while being accompanied by one’s delicacy of choice though a majority of people think that doughnuts do well.

Unlike other beverages, coffee can be taken at any moment. It is fair to say that a cafe’s operating hours should be around the clock. The staff in the coffee shop should be welcoming and diligent to attract many customers.

To elicit additional attention of customers, one may come up with a unique design of glasses or mugs that are native to the cafe or feature their logo in their items of use by customers.

One common challenge that is faced by almost all coffee is noise. This is true since cafe’s are social places. Many reflective surfaces cause reverberation of sound from media players and people’ voices, thus resulting in noise. To solve this issue, you may consider setting absorptive ceiling or wall panels to eliminate noise as they absorb. If you are not certain on what to do, you can approach a consultant with a specialty for soundproofing to guide you.

To lower the operating cost of a cafe, the following insights are worth considering:

  1. 1.      Review the performance of items on the menu. Items that are infrequently purchased should be removed to avoid wastage of money in purchasing the raw ingredients.
  2. 2.      Make automation of employee payment. Costs revolving around your employees should be subtracted from the final paycheck.
  3. 3.      Resolve to have a mobile application for the cafe. With the mobile industry at a boom, letting customer order, pay and even give feedback is a huge plus to café business.