Sprintkite 2018. On the beach of Tagliata comes the 29th festival of acrobatic kites

The Sprintkite Festival 2018in fact it is dedicated to all the specialties of acrobatic and extreme kite. The purpose of the event is to bring the public to the knowledge of all advanced flight techniques, from single flight with 2 or 4-cable kites with experts from the Italian Strike of acrobatic flight in sync and in a team, up to the latest technical developments in of sporting kites. In the last editions,

the Cervese meeting has attracted an increasing number of employees, 35 Italian clubs with over 120 guests and many curious and passionate people from all over Europe and the world. The battle of rokkaku, large Japanese kites used for centuries in the land of the rising sun for fighting between factions and city districts will also be repeated. All performances are characterized by the fun of the participants and involvement of the public,

A new color note proposed in this editionIt is supplied by the recycled plastic laboratory. This workshop aims to raise awareness on the issues of reuse, recycling and respect for the environment and to make them more aware and sustainable in their daily actions.

With a little creativity and with the help of a few tools, you can transform waste materials, which normally end up in the trash, into new, beautiful and useful things, giving them a second chance and at the same time helping the environment. But the real element of great importance of the event is that the Italian clubs present in past editions return to Cervia spontaneously, appreciating the spirit of friendship and hospitality in Cervia. The beach of Tagliata is sufficiently wide that allows the spectacle of the kites even with light wind,