How to choose the right whale watching packages in Hervey Bay

The Queensland coast makes for some of the best holiday memories. There are many tourists who would vouch for that. You can spot many whale sightings in mid-August to September, one of the best time to observe the whales in their natural habitat. The hump back whales make their way to the warn waters of Hervey bay from July.

Hervey bay is said to be the favorite destination spot of the hump back whales. Why? Simply because this is the very place where the whales prefer to stay the longest while they embark on their epic journey across the world. The whales here are at their relaxed best. From all the destinations starting from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef, Hervey bay is the only place where they actually choose to rest.

The area around Fraser Island provides a safe haven for the whales. It is here that the adults teach the calves the basics of growing into adult whales. Teaching them to flip and blowhole spurts. If you are lucky, you may even get to witness full forty ton display of gorgeous out of water display.

What’s more, Hervey bay is just a 3.5 hour drive from Brisbane. If you are happening to visit Brisbane, make sure you make a detour to Fraser Island and enjoy the glorious sight of a humpback whale frolicking in its azure seas.

The best time to visit is anywhere from July to November. This is the time which is well known for frequent whale sightings. The tours are quite confident of whale sighting. Some even offer a money back guarantee on the day there are no sightings while you are on the vessel.

Every year Hervey bay celebrates the welcoming of the whales by hosting a number of celebrations. Just these celebration alone are enough to put people in a frenzy. Whale watching is an experience like no other. If you watch a whale once you aren’t every going to forget it as it would be etched in your mind forever.

The main purpose of these celebrations is not just to welcome the whales but also create an awareness for their safe keeping. Every year hundreds of people make their way into the middle of the waters hosting brightly colored paddocks and inflatable rafts carrying slogans of safety for the whales.

During August you could witness the wonderful sea food festival along with kite carnival and the blessing of the fleet celebrations. These celebrations alone are worth enjoying. There is no place you would rather be in August then to be in Hervey bay.

There are several accommodations in Hervey bay to choose from. Fraser Island is well known for its comfortable as well as luxurious accommodations.

When choosing a whale watching tour make sure of the following

  • They should have a sturdy vessel with more than just two or three viewing decks. You want to make sure you have the best view if you happen to sight a whale.
  • Do they offer a water level whale’s eye viewing deck?

Whale watching Hervey Bay is an exciting experience and something everyone should witness at least once.