Photo Booth Rental in Melbourne

Have you always wanted to cross out the photo booth rental task off your to-do list? Have you had a bad experience renting from a shabby or poor customer service rents company? Worry no more, we got you covered! I can assure you that after reading through this piece, you wouldn’t mind sharing the pictures from your events. You might also go as far as posting your guests’ comments in our comments section. Let’s get right to it!

Since the discovery of photo booths in Melbourne, its residents have taken super-amazing and high-quality snapshots for all events, day and night. Every photo booth company offers premium packages for all budget ranges. Many of these services also include interval crazy props, mobile or PC gallery upload, a designated attendant and lastly, hand-picked customised prints.

Some photo booth companies in Melbourne go with the below package rates as their standards:

  • 2-hour Package- $440
  • 3-hour package- $550
  • 4-hour package- $660
  • 5-hour package- $770
  • Wedding package- $880

NB: The Wedding Package mostly lasts for a maximum duration of 5 hours, but comes with a hardcover designed guest book.

If you are, and I’m sure you are looking for a different spice to add to your upcoming event, you should try exploring the option of a photo booth. Perhaps your play in all this is to grab and retain your viewer’s attention on social media, and renting either of the above packages would do justice to that.

Melbourne is a city that supports exclusive services for brand and product launch and projects. Any product launch manager can easily walk up to an native Australian to pitch the idea behind the brand. Trust me, this always works. The warm heart of the people is just amazing. Speak to any photo booth company in Melbourne today to get inside intel on how to spice that event with some photo booth magic. This will certainly lead to the high credibility you expect from the guests.

I have often been asked what photo booth to recommend. Well, how do I pick from a wide range of professionals who are good at what they do? These individuals never slack at making it their aim to grace every hired event with a timeless photo booth. For years, their services reached out to merrymakers in the Epping zone and beyond its vicinity.

Photo booth services in this city are almost a goldmine, as every customer is opened to rental packages with a maximum six-hour duration service. These packages are often times available with value-added services like props and a rare unlimited session. Customers could always opt to include an attendant to assist with the installation of the booth. Isn’t that just awesome? I know it is.

Creating an unbeatable event isn’t the strongest attribute of every individual. Which is why photo booth professionals in Melbourne put in so much work into making you have a fun-filled event. Similarly, their photo booth services create an avenue for every client to hire a photo booth hourly for friendly pocket rates. Recorded testimonials from residents in Melbourne has proven that having a photo booth installed in every social gathering is now a criterion for a successful event.

The swift booking process with renting a photo booth in Melbourne makes event planning easy. Simply by confirming your booking details and selected expectations through a mail, get an inbox from your assigned photographer, and voila! Your event is set!

One part of my experience I loved the most with photo booth rental in Melbourne was the post-event services offered. They would hand over the photo album from the event to you personally and furthermore ensure that each frame is at its best. The presence of a photo booth guarantees quality pictures to make each fun memories from the event last a lifetime!