U16 Junior Women’s Challenge Results

Congratulations to Zahli Kelly placing first in the Junior Challenge. Results are listed below;

Final Heat 9
Red Zahli Kelly (QLD) 1
White Jessie Van Niekerk (NSW) 4
Yellow Tru Starling (NSW) 2
Blue Bodhi Leigh- Jones (NSW) 3
Green Piper Harrison (QLD) 5
Black Sockie Norris (NSW) 6



Semi Finals
Heat 7 Heat Totals
Red Zahli Kelly (QLD)  1 17.84
White Summer Gauld (QLD)  5 5.57
Yellow Anne Dos Santos (NSW)  6 5.47
Blue Jessie Van Niekerk (NSW)  2 9.53
Green Tru Starling (NSW)  3 8.33
Black Nica Frayne (NSW)  4 7.87


Heat 8 Heat Totals
Red Piper Harrison (QLD) 2 10.67
White Sockie Norris (NSW) 3 9.7
Yellow Elle Clayton- Brown (NSW) 6 6.96
Blue Darci Air (NSW) 5 7.26
Green Bodhi Leigh- Jones (NSW) 1 13.5
Black Sabre Norris (NSW) 4 9.23


Heat 1 Heat Totals
Red Zahli Kelly (QLD) 1 16.77
White Summer Gauld (QLD) 2 9.17
Yellow Carly Shanahan (NSW) 3 5.93
Blue 24
Heat 2 Heat Totals
Red Jessie Van Niekerk (NSW) 2 8.57
White Anne Dos Santos (NSW) 1 13.17
Yellow Hunter Roberts (NSW) 3 6.77
Blue Kyla Whitfield (NSW) 4 5.86
Heat 3 Heat Totals
Red Tru Starling (NSW) 1 10.1
White Nica Frayne (NSW) 2 9.86
Yellow Tahlia Collinge (NSW) 4 3.43
Blue Anna Toohey (QLD) 3 9.07
Heat 4 Heat Totals
Red Piper Harrison (QLD) 1 10.5
White Summer Simon (NSW) 4 2.4
Yellow Bella Grainger (NSW) 3 4.5
Blue Sockie Norris (NSW) 2 9.43
Heat 5 Heat Totals
Red Madison Poole (NSW) 3 11.26
White Elle Clayton- Brown (NSW) 1 13.67
Yellow Darci Air (NSW) 2 12.2
Blue Tiya Collins (NSW) 4 5.3
Heat 6 Heat Totals
Red Bodhi Leigh- Jones (NSW)
White Sabre Norris (NSW)
Yellow Jesse Staring (NSW)
Blue 23

U16 Junior Women’s Challenge

The Sydney International U16 Junior Women’s Challenge forms part of the Qantas Assure International Beach Festival. The first of the heats will begin on Friday, November 4, to continue on Saturday, with the final to be held on Sunday, November 6.

With the inclusion of surfing in the Japan 2020 Olympics, Australians are hungry to claim what’s ours as the golden country surrounded by some of the world’s best surf. And welcoming in the next generation of women surfers to chase gold, starts here with the U16 Junior Women’s Challenge!

The event will consist of 24 young female surfers under 16 years of age, eager to make their mark on the competitive surfing scene as some of their world tour heroines like Sally Fitzgibbons, Laura Enever and Coco Ho make up the crowds at Cronulla Beach.

Competitors must be under 16yrs for until December 31, 2016 and cannot turn 16 in 2016. The event has limited space, with entry allocated on a first in first served basis.

Competition Format

The format will be straight knock out format for a round of 24. Each 20 minute heat will consist of 6 heats and 4 competitors in each, with the 1st and 2nd place from each heat will progress to the semi finals.

The 2 semi final heats will see 1st, 2nd and 3rd place progress through to the final.

The final will be held on Sunday where the final 6 will battle it out.

The best waves of each surfer will be counted to produce a total out of 20.

For more information and to enter, please visit www.surfingaustralia.com 


Sally Fitzgibbons putting the Bells fans through their paces on her AABB Live Geelong World Tour stop. Last stop on the 2017 tour is our International Beach Festival #AABBFIT #AABBLIVE ... See MoreSee Less