Ironwoman Invitational

Congratulations to Bonnie Hancock who is the new Ironwoman Invitational presented by Ohana Ocean Athletics Champion in the winner takes all elminator event! 

Rocket K
Rocket K

The Ironwoman Invitational presented by Ohana Ocean Athletics will be an epic battle in the ocean of woman at their peak fitness. An Eliminator format has been set and spectators should expect to see a ‘dash for cash’ mentality as three rounds of epic proportion play out over the course of an hour.

Fourteen competitors hit the beach for the first round duelling it out through the swim, board, ski and run elements. The tussle is palpable as not only the athletes physical ability put to the test but also their mental toughness. Four athletes will drop out after the first race leaving 10 to line up for race two.

With only a five minute break in between the woman then take to the line for round two. Same format, same hit out, smaller lineup. The cat and mouse begins as women take on their tactics to make it through to final round whilst conserving anything they can. Another four athletes won’t make it through as they are sent to the sand dunes to watch the final playout.

The Final Six, they’ve made it through the first two gruelling rounds and are standing on the start line, sucking in as much oxygen as possible to get them through the last hurdle. Their mental toughness will show here as the groundhog day continues, another swim, another board, another ski and one more run to take the title. The glory, the cash and the bragging rights being the first winner of the International Beach Festival Ironwoman Invitational.

$5,000 prize money up for grabs, winner takes all!


Everyone! With the three-day Nutri-Grain series set to take place in Cronulla in early 2017, everyone will be looking to have a great race at the International Beach Festival. Veteran Courtney Hancock is finding form again and she is in good company among fellow Northcliffe competitors Rebecca Creedy and Harriet Brown. They’ll face tough competition from the Nurthen sisters, Carla Papax and young-gun Naomi Scott.

NAME                                 STATE                  AGE

Harriet Brown                   QLD                      26

Tara Coleman                   NSW                     26

Rebecca Creedy                QLD                      33

Maddy Dunn                     QLD                      22

Courtney Hancock           QLD                      28

Danielle McKenzie           QLD                      22

Amy Nurthen                    QLD                      24

Karlee Nurthen                 QLD                      20

Carla Papac                       NSW                     18

Taylar Puskaric                 NSW                     21

Naomi Scott                      NSW                     16

Jemma Smith                    NSW                     17

Krystal Smith                     QLD                      33


Lizzie Welborn                  NSW                     18


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