How to Spend 5 Days in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most beautiful and lively cities in the world. It boasts the air of being a highly vibrant cosmopolitan flanked by beaches and great food. After a long and tiresome journey of getting to this wonderful city, you deserve to spend a week or at least 5 days in this city to truly get to see it!

If you’re in the city and thinking of what to do besides Sydney scenic flights, we’re here to tell you!

Walk it out

One of the best ways to explore Sydney is to walk through it. This way you can get to hear and experience all the sights and sounds first hand. Start your day with a walking tour beginning from Circular Quay. This is the place where the iconic Harbor Bridge is present. You can see it from a close point of few and then begin to walk through the Rocks District to the popular Sydney Opera House.

After you’ve seen this, go to the Royal Botanic Gardens and go to the city center. Once you’re on this pathway, you’ll see multiple museums. One of the most famous ones here is the Museum of Contemporary Art. End this walking tour at Darling Harbor. This Harbor has Sydney’s popular IMAX Theatre, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, an Aquarium and much more.

This whole walking trip is bound to take up two days of yours!

Cruise your way

If you come to Sydney and don’t take a cruise, then you didn’t come to Sydney at all!

When thinking about which cruise to take, you firstly need to think of yourself! Yes that’s true. There are multiple cruise options present such as a dance one, a simple dinner one or even regular ferries which travel through the day from Circular Quay. So choose one according to the kind of entertainment you’re looking at.

Once taking a cruise, you can go to the other side of the harbor to Manly or to Watson’s Bay. Manly has Shelly Beach which is the perfect spot for Snorkeling if you’re into water sports. If you’re a fan of a few horrors, head to Cockatoo Island which hosts an abandoned and presumed haunted facility.

This whole activity is bound to take up two more days!

See the real Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful city and you really need to see all of it to enjoy it. To do this, you can always travel to the Sydney Tower Eye. This building gives you spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean along with the Blue Mountains present in the west.

Another attraction here is the Sydney Skywalk. This skywalk has a glass floor which is moving most of the time and is present at the very top of the tower.

So take your time and enjoy everything and anything Sydney has to offer!