Dual World Champion Tom Carroll will take on Cronulla’s prodigal son Gary Green in a surf battle like no other, in the Sydney International Boardriders Challenge on Saturday 5 November.


The “Battle of the Bridge” will see surfers from affiliated Boardrider Clubs from Sydney’s Northern Beaches taking on rivals from the Southern Beaches, in a showcase as part of the International Beach Festival which will take place at Cronulla from 3 – 6 November 2016.


Newport local Carroll will captain the North team and is thrilled to have the opportunity to play a leading role.


“It’s a new thing for me to be in charge of a team,” Carroll said. “It means a great deal to me, I would like to see them win. We have some great surfers on the northern beaches. All the clubs produce an incredible atmosphere each month. The culture is amazing in those clubs. If I can get the cream there and pull it all together on the day it will really mean a lot.”


Captaining the team from the South will be Gary Green. Despite spending some time as a teenager in Newport surfing with Carroll, Green has always called Cronulla home and will be hoping to make the most of his home-ground advantage.


“I grew up surfing in Cronulla and went back there when I got my first surfboard deal,” Green said. “Cronulla is home for me and I am honoured to be asked to captain the team. It will be a strong team. We have some really good young guys in Cronulla and Maroubra. But the North has some really good guys too. It will be a close battle.”


The Battle will go for 60 minutes, in a tag team format. Two surfers from each team will surf as pair out at the same time, with each team member surfing once for approximately 10 minutes. The surfer can catch two waves receiving a wave score out of 10, with the best one being counted. Each team will have a nominated ‘Power Surfer’ who will have their wave score doubled.


Teams will compete for ultimate bragging rights as well as a $1,000 prize to the winning region to go towards grass roots development. Despite who comes out on top, you can be sure that the battle will be a competition to remember.


“There will be a healthy rivalry you can count on that,” Carroll said. “We have some good relationships but a strong rivalry. Once we get on the beach, it’s on.”